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SRI was first introduced into The Gambia in 2000 in conjunction with thesis research undertaken by a Cornell University PhD student, Mustapha Ceesay, who was formerly director of the National Agricultural Research Institute station at Sapu, The Gambia. SRI results reported in his 2004 dissertation ranged from 5.4 to 8.3 t/ha depending on variety and spacing. Ceesay, who is currently Assistant Director General in charge of Research and Development at the National Agricultural Research Institute, Gambia, continues to promote SRI in his own country as well as other African countries, including Egypt and Ghana. As one of 13 participating countries in the World Bank-financed regional project "Improving and Scaling up the System of Rice Intensification in West Africa" (SRI-WAAPP) that formally began in January 2014, The Gambia participates in the project in regional workshops, trainings and meetings is undertaking nationally funded SRI activities through the WAAPP (See SRI-WAAPP website and Gambia page on the SRI-WAAPP website). The map on the right shows 23 SRI-WAAPP sites currently in The Gambia. After the end of the SRI-WAAPP project in 2015, organized SRI events ceased for a time. However, SRI activities resumed in 2019 with SRI trainings in the Central River Region (CRR) which were sponsored by the Gambia Commercial Agriculture and Value Chain Management Project (GCAV), in partnership with Department of Agriculture (DoA). In October 2021, the Adaptation Fund approved the “Scaling up Climate Resilient Rice Production in West Africa” (RICOWAS) project which includes Ghana and 12 other countries in the region. The Gambia and 12 other countries in the region.

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