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July/August 2013 - Additions to the SRI-Rice Website
(Uploads to our site and links to online material)




• SRI-Rice statistics for August 2013: 3,826 unique visitors from 105 countries made 11,486 visits in the SRI website. Total Facebook views: 3,671.
• SRI-Rice statistics for July 2013: 4,326 unique visitors from 101 countries made 13,085 visits in the SRI website. Total Facebook views: 3,255.
• For additional news see: our New Resources page, Twitter, News and Views blog, LinkedIn, YouTube (global), YouTube (India), Slideshare and Picasa photo gallery, or, see news by country
• See July and August activities of the SRI-Rice Center staff and advisors

News from other 2013 months

In the Press - July/Augusts 2013

August 2013
July 2013

Blog Posts and Website Articles - acquired during July/August 2013

Latest Research / Journal Articles / Theses - acquired during July/August 2013
(in order of acquisition. See also complete alphabetized list of journal articles.)

New Links from our Website to Online Publications (July/August 2013)
(see also Latest Research directly above and Recent Uploads below for new material on our site)

Recent Documents Uploaded on our Website (July/August 2013)

Videos / Audiofiles (July/August 2013 Acquisitions)

Slide Presentations (Primarily PowerPoint) - July/August 2013 acquisitions









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